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At TGNP, we recognize the transformative power of education for girls. We are committed to creating an enabling environment within the education sector that addresses the unique challenges faced by girls.

Menstrual hygiene management for girls in schools especially public schools

  • Number if pits latrines as per policy ( one pit latrine for 20 girls and one pit latrine for 25 boys )
  • Availability of disposal and incinerators.
  • Availability of special room for girls’ privacy
  • Availability of a special teacher for both girls and boys who can speak to them especially during puberty stage
  • Availability of water supply in schools, especially in toilets and for drinking
  • Provision of free pads in schools, public schools.

Safety of Schools girls within and out of school

  • No to disciplinary actions that embarrass/humiliate the girls’s child 
  • Availability of food
  • Schools should be fenced
  • Availability if hostels.

Access to sexual reproductive health education for girls in Schools

Women participation on decision making processes and structure on education issues

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