Plenary Discussions

The Gender Festival will feature spaces to discuss issues relating to gender and development with a panel of experts in these fields. The two session titles are listed below.

Economic Rights for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development

Leadership, Herstory and Women Movement

Workshops and Trainings

The Gender Festival will also feature a number of workshops and trainings about gender related and development issues. Here are just a few of their titles.

  • Economic Rights: Where are the Resources for Advancing Women’s Rights?
  • Women Access to Productive Resources – Land, Mining and Agricultural sector
  • Investing in Education for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development
  • Health and Water: The Foundation for Industrialized Tanzania  


The exhibitions will be a space for partners and friends of TGNP to showcase their goods and also a learning environment for participants. Along with the country theme of an industrialized Tanzania, these presenters will be showcasing goods that follow this theme.

Success Stories

At the storytelling hubs you will have the chance to hear from grassroots women who have overcome their struggles to be the women they are today. These testimonials are to celebrate and share their experiences with other women and a space for all to connect.