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By Correspondent Sabato Kasika

Business and advertisement in the twenty-first century, technology is inescapable, it is factual that today’s society lives in a digitized world. Thus, everything has become digitized.

Therefore, anyone who has a business or company that provides service or quality products, but does not make an effort to advertise the products on social media, he/she may be flabbergasted by people whose services have no better quality.
Generally speaking, advertising or browsing on the internet is an easy and inexpensive way to reach more people. That’s how women are being reminded to discuss things on social media.

Several women from various civil society organizations met recently in Dar es Salaam, at a conference organized by the Tanzania Gender Networking (TGNP), to discuss how they can use social media to advertise their activities.
The discussion involved young and older women to discuss in detail the benefits of doing business digitally, but also the threatening challenges posed by the use of social media.

The even facilitator, Sadaka Gandi reminds women that, nowadays when someone wants help with something, the first idea to come to them is to hold their phone and browse through the internet to search for what they need.

“On the internet is where someone can find answers to the issue you want to know, so what you need to focus on is obviously proper use of the internet rather than putting things that cannot assist you to move forward,” Gandi advocated

It is well known that there are many challenges in the use of networks and that we must discuss them in detail to find solutions so that everyone can use them well to benefit from them.
One of the participants from the project Dr. Dinna Mbaga says there are many challenges in the use of networks for both groups, thus there is a need for wide discussion.

“Some of the adults see social media as a luxury, but also others who are overwhelmed by family responsibilities, do not have time to go into the internet, and thus miss out on business opportunities,” says Dr. Mbaga.

In a continuation of not using social media, Adelina Muluge, a participant from Voice for Women with Disabilities institute Tanzania (SUWATA) adds that married women who are prohibited by their spouses to use the internet think that they can end their marriage.

Adelina urges that it is about time for more education to be given about the importance of using the internet in doing business, particularly bearing in mind that the world has now become a village, it is easier to do business within such a spectrum.

Hellen Bulugu, Another participant who is spoken words poem, says that in the 21st century, most businesses are digitally operated, due to the fact that, at present, society lives in a digital world, so everything is being done digitally.

“What is needed is to focus on the proper use of the internet, by not posting things that are not beneficial to the individual or the community. We need not fear those who think using the internet is a luxury,” says Bulugu.

She said everything can be bad if it is used inappropriately, and that it is better for the community to recognize the true intentions of such networks and to refrain from what is misleading.
“As women, we must be part of the poverty alleviation solution by advertising our businesses online so that we can get more customers instead of promoting unethical things,” she adds.

He explains that, almost everyone is on Facebook or Instagram, and that the market is there because that’s where most people are, so what is needed to do is to encourage women to take their business there.

“The biggest problem lies in choosing what to post on the internet, but now that we’ve learned, it’s clear we can take a step forward in our business,” she said.

Online business includes a lot of lessons that you can learn only if you do business, as the number of online businesses increases daily.

However, some thrive, and many ends up nowhere and this is due to various reasons among them being the failure to learn from businesses about what works, and what doesn’t work.

Lilian Mmari from Haki Elimu suggests that doing business online is more than just photographing and posting them online and that some people believe that putting products online that’s how customers can come.

“You need to focus on creating and promoting your customer’s (buyer) community first. Show them the value of being on social networks.  You must do so by showing them videos or writing articles that educate them that have values to them,” Mmari induces.

She provides an example of doing a clothing business, an artist can prepare a video or write an article about the styles on the record charts, various ways to be beautiful and in doing so, one creates a community that has trust and it will be easier for them to buy products from the character.

“Online business is enormous. If you decide to do it, it’s better to know if you decide to launch a website and social networks for your business, thus you just find a professional to help you,” she says.

Joyce Mkina, a leader of the Tanzania Gender Network (TGNP), says that it is very important for women to be connected to a single platform so that they will use it to achieve their goals.

“In this discussion, we have identified various weaknesses that we need to have a single platform that will help each other to educate each other on various issues including business through social media,” says Joyce.

She believes that, if there is no cooperation among themselves, no group can stand alone as each seems to be particularly vulnerable to failure to use social networks for advertising.

“Women presence in digital platforms in the matters of business is very imperative, so each side should realize the need for having more people who are now doing business online,” she says.

She adds that continuing with the notion that social media is a luxury, or incorrectly using social networks, are things that should not be given space by people who need to make progress.


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